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Hannah Harris Voice Studio provides singing lessons and voice coaching to beginner students right through to professional vocalists. We are passionate about helping you build a voice that feels balanced and free.

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7 reviews
  • A. Brody·

    I sing and act in amateur musical theatre and wanted to work on my vocal range. Hannah helped me understand why I sometimes get a "flip" or a break in my voice and gave me excercises to target that area of my voice and enable me to get a more consistent sound.

  • Lisa·

    I had a really positive experience training with Hannah. She gave practical advice underpinned by a wealth of knowledge. She tailored my training to my specific goals – preparing and soothing my voice for live performance, and cleaning up some songs in a practical and versatile way. She has a gentle and encouraging nature and was generous with her time. After classical training in the past, I appreciate the pragmatism of the pop vocal style of training!

  • Sam Cottee·

    Hannah easily assessed my voice and prescibed specific excercises to help strengthen the areas I needed to develop. I could hear and feel the difference straight away. Her gentle and encouraging nature makes me feel relaxed and comfortable at lessons.

  • Brent·

    Working with Hannah has been a wonderful experience. Being someone who was rather shy about my singing voice, Hannah quickly made me feel comfortable and personalises each lesson to assist in reaching my goals. After just a handful of lessons working on the foundations of my voice, I already hear and feel the difference from where I was before. I look forward to continuing my training with Hannah.

  • Jessica Shallcross·

    I appreciated the fact that I was able to talk through the technical aspect of things that I had been experiencing with my voice, but due to minimal training, didn't have a name/explanation for. I also found the lessons with Hannah fun and personable.

  • Sharlene·

    Hannah is cheerful and very knowledgeable. She helps me to relax and find my voice. I am very happy with my progress.

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